the Normal Oceanic Mantle Project
presents a symposium on

"Structure and Dynamics of
the Oceanic Lithosphere/Asthenosphere System"

List of Participants (registered)

Registration NumberNameAffiliationTentative Title
1 Thorsten Becker University of Southern California Oceanic boundary layer structure and dynamics from seismological imaging and geodynamic modeling
3 Rob Evans Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution MT Results from the No-Melt Experiments
4 Waleed Eid Olimat Seismologist, Geophysist  
5 Satoru Tanaka D-EARTH, JAMSTEC  
6 Shiobara, Hajime OHRC, ERI, Univ. Tokyo BBOBS observations in the NOMan project and the future
7 Manabu Morishige Institute for Geothermal Sciences, Kyoto University A new type of 3D small-scale convection in the mantle wedge
8 Azusa Shito Institute for Geothermal Sciences, Kyoto University Evolution of the oceanic lithoshpere inferred from Po/So waves
9 Kiyoshi Baba Earthquake Research Institute, The University of Tokyo Thermal and compositional variety of the old oceanic upper mantle beneath the northwestern Pacific: Implications from electrical conductivity
10 Hisashi Utada Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo 5 years of Nomal Oceanic Mantle Project
11 Andrea TOMMASI Geosciences Montpellier - CNRS & Univ. Montpellier Heterogeneity and anisotropy in the shallow oceanic mantle
12 Shun-ichiro Karato Yale University Origin of the LAB (lithosphere-asthenosphere-boundary) and the MLD (mid-lithosphere discontinuity)
13 Nozomu Takeuchi ERI, University of Tokyo Scattering features of oceanic lithosphere and athenosphere
14 LIANG Pengfei OHRC, ERI, UT 3-D inversion of seafloor magnetotelluric data based on an integral equation solver
15 Hisayoshi Shimizu Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo  
16 Xiang Yang OHRC,ERI,UT MT Regularized inversion based on the minimum support gradient stabilizing functional
17 Nicholas Schmerr University of Maryland Imaging the Lithosphere-Asthenosphere Boundary with Underside Reflections
18 Ruibai LI OHRC, ERI, UT  
19 Sugioka, Hiroko D-EARTH, JAMSTEC  
20 Yuki Asahara Tohoku university Cancelled
21 Kosuke Yabe Earthquake Research Institute, The University of Tokyo Synthesis and high-temperature creep experiments on polycrystalline Fe-bearing olivine
22 Kawakatsu, Hitoshi ERI Pacific Array
23 Timothy Stern Institute of Geophysics, Victoria University of Wellington Imaging the LAB with high resolution (14Hz) seismic reflection methods
24 shingo watada Earthquake Research Institute  
25 GAILLARD CNRS Orléans The Geodynamics of Melting in the Asthenosphere and its Geophysical Expression
26 Hitomi Umeda ERI, University of Tokyo  
27 Pascal Tarits IUEM Is there a deep carbonatite signature beneath the East African Rift ?
28 Aki Ito JAMSTEC  
29 Montagner Jean-Paul Institut de Physique du Globe (IPGP) Mid-lithospheric boundary in oceanic lithosphere from seismic anisotropy
30 Yuki Abe Earthquake Research Institute, The University of Tokyo A study for detection of lower boundary of Normal Oceanic Plate beneath Norhwest Pacific Ocean with data obtained by Broadband Ocean Bottom Seismometers
31 Takashi Tonegawa JAMSTEC Seismic structure for oceanic crust and sediment in the northwestern Pacific
32 Kiwamu Nishida ERI, Univ. of Tokyo  
33 Donald W. Forsyth Brown University Upper mantle structure near the magnetic bight south of Shatsky Rise
34 Sifré David Cnrs - Isto Electrical Conductivity of H2O-CO2 rich-Melt at mantle conditions
35 Emily Sarafian Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution The Electrical Structure of the Central Pacific Upper Mantle Constrained by the NoMelt Experiment
36 George Helffrich Earth-Life Science Institute, Titech  
37 Adam Sarafian Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Experimental Determination of the H2O-undersaturated Peridotite Solidus
38 Shuichi Kodaira CEAT JAMSTEC Active-source seismic study in the Northwestern Pacific ocean basin
39 Satoru Honda Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo Tomographic slabs and simulated slabs
40 Teh-Ru Alex Song University College London Subduction of lithosphere/asthenosphere system: insight from shear-wave splitting observations
41 Masayuki Obayashi JAMSTEC P-wave tomography using BBOBS data of Normal Oceanic Mantle Project
42 Goran Ekstrom Columbia University Large-scale structure of the oceanic mantle
43 Ben Holtzman Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University Melt and upper mantle mechanical structure
44 Hatsuki Yamauchi ERI Viscoelastic behavior of a polycrystalline material near the solidus temperature
45 Brian Kennett Australian National University Po/So propagation in the Pacific and inferences on lithosphere heteroegeneity
46 Noriko Tada JAMSTEC 3-D electrical resistivity structure of the Society hotspot
47 Takehi ISSE Earthquake Research Institute, The University of Tokyo Seismic structures of the upper mantle beneath the northwestern Pacific
48 Sanae Koizumi Earthquake Research Institute,The University of Tokyo Synthesis of the a-axis textured forsterite aggregate in a strong magnetic field
49 Maki HATA Earthquake Research Institute, the University of Tokyo Thermal structure and melt fraction distribution in a mantle wedge determined from the 3-D electrical conductivity structure beneath Kyushu in the Southwest Japan Arc
50 Marc Hirschmann University of Minnesota Small degree melting at in the normal" asthenosphere- models and challenges"
51 Takehiko Hiraga Univ.. Tokyo Do we really know about creep properites of peridotite?
52 Tetsuo Matsuno Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo Electromagnetic investigation into mantle transition zone by using the NOMan project data
53 Daisuke Suetsugu JAMSTEC Structure of mantle transition zone beneath the northwestern Pacific
54 Kenta Sueyoshi University of Tokyo, Earthquake Research Institute Continuous measurement of electrical conductivity and viscosity of lherzorite analogue samples during slow increses and decreases in temperature
55 Tadashi Nakakoji Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo high precision measurement of activation energy of creep of olivine polycrystal
56 Akane Ohira Yokohama National University Crustal and upper mantle structure in southeast of Shatsky Rise in the northwestern Pacific revealed from seismic reflection and refraction data
57 Akiko Takeo Hokkaido University Seismic anisotropy in the oceanic lithosphere/asthenosphere system from broadband dispersion survey
58 Noriko SUGI Kyoritsu Women's University  
59 Genta Maruyama The University of Tokyo Observations of Grain- to Multi-Grain Scale Deformation: Mechanism of the Development of Crystal Preferred Orientation during Diffusion Creep
60 Catherine Rychert University of Southampton Seismic imaging of the oceanic lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary beneath hotspots
61 Yasuko Takei ERI, Univ. of Tokyo Temperature, grain size, and chemical controls on polycrystal anelasticity over a broad frequency range extending into the seismic range
62 Dun Wang ERI, The University of Tokyo  
63 James Gaherty Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University Cancelled
64 PeiYing Patty Lin LDEO Anisotropic shear-velocity structure of the lithosphere-asthenosphere system in the central Pacific from the NoMelt experiment
65 Celia Eddy Columbia University / LDEO Anisotropy in the Pacific upper mantle from inversion of a surface-wave dispersion dataset
66 Makoto Uyeshima Earthquake Research Institute, the University of Tokyo Electrical conductivity structure beneath backarc side of Chubu District, Central Japan, revealed by the Network-MT survey
67 Nobukazu Seama Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Kobe University Oceanic lithosphere and asthenosphere beneath the Indian Ocean and back-arc basins
68 Masahiro Osako National museum of nature and science Thermal conductivity of omphacite, jadeite and diopside under pressure : Implication for the role of eclogite in subduction slab
69 Makoto Yamano Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo Multiple-scale heat flow anomalies seaward of the Japan Trench associated with deformation of the incoming Pacific plate
70 Akira Yoneda ISEI, Okayama Univ. Single Crystal Elasticity of Iron Bearing Perovskite and Post Perovskite Analog
71 Tomoo Katsura University of Bayreuth Temperature and pressure dependence of dislocation annihilation rates in the [100](010) and [001](010) slip systems
72 Motoko Ishise ERI, Univ. of Tokyo  
73 Takashi Yoshino Institute for Study of the Earth's Interior, Okayama University Electrical conductivity anisotropy in partially molten peridotite under shear deformation
74 OGAWA Naoto Earthquake Research Institute, the University of Tokyo  
75 Mamoru Kato Kyoto University  
76 Kazunori Yoshizawa Hokkaido University TBD (something about surface wave mapping of (continental) LAB and anisotropy
77 Junko Odawara ERI, University of Tokyo  
78 Setsuko Miyazaki Tokyo Express International Co., Ltd.  
79 Hiroshi Ichihara Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology 3-D resistivity distribution beneath the back-arc area in the NE Japan
80 Chris Havlin Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Melt migration beneath thinning lithosphere
81 Sophie Hautot IMAGIR sarl