the Normal Oceanic Mantle Project
presents a symposium on

"Structure and Dynamics of
the Oceanic Lithosphere/Asthenosphere System"

Hotel Matsushima Taikanso, Miyagi, Japan; tel:+81-22-354-5214

Matsushima (Pine Islands):

Matsushima is a group of small islands outside Sendai and is ranked as one of Three Views of Japan.
Such abnormally beautiful seashore should be a suitable place for discussing normal oceans.
See and for details.

The hotel has a shuttle bus service from nearby train stations: Matsushima-Kaigan (pine islands seashore)
station and Matsushima (pine islands) station. Please refer for
the access to these stations. The venue is about one and half hours from the Sendai airport and about three hours from the Tokyo station.

The route between the hotel and the Matsushima-Kaigan station is shown below (left). The distance is within 1 km, but there are very steep slopes. It might be much easier to take a shuttle bus or taxi. The hotel shuttle stop at the Matsushima-Kaigan station is also shown (right)