the Normal Oceanic Mantle Project
presents a symposium on

"Structure and Dynamics of
the Oceanic Lithosphere/Asthenosphere System"

Q1: Should I make flight reservations now so as to purchase tickets by a reasonable price?
A1:  If you are not listed as an invited participant, please do so. You can ask our travel agent (Tokyo Express International, TEI) for light reservations. Please contact Ms Miyazaki ( If you are an invited participant, reservations are made by TEI. Ms Miyazaki will contact you in early January.
Q2: Do you consider to support students?
A2: Yes, we do. Registration is free for students. We try to support hotel expenses (3 nights, Mar 3-6) for as many students as our budget allows. If we cannot support all of them, priority is given to those who make presentation.
Q3: Is there any kind of support available for young scientists?
A3: We can only support for students.
Q4: Can I pay the registration fee by a credit card?
A4: We accept registration fee only by cash (yen).
Q5: Can I pay Hotel fee by a credit card?
A5: If you stay at Hotel Taikanso (meeting venue), payment is only by your credit card. Ms Miyazaki of TEI will contact you for card information in January. Hotel payments for invited participants will be made by LOC.