the Normal Oceanic Mantle Project
presents a symposium on

"Structure and Dynamics of
the Oceanic Lithosphere/Asthenosphere System"

Program: (final)
Oral Program
Poster Program
Program (pdf)

Abstract Volume (pdf)

For Oral Presenters:

Every speaker has 25 minutes (at maximum) including questions and discussions.

For Poster Presenters:
Poster board size is 180 cm tall x 210 cm wide.

Meeting Schedule
Mar 3 
16:00-   Reception
21:30-22:30   Icebreaker
Mar 4 
08:30-12:00   Oral Session 
13:30-18:00   Oral Session 
19:00-   Dinner/Reception
Mar 5 
08:30-12:00   Oral Session 
13:30-15:00   Poster Session 
15:00-18:00   Oral Session 
19:00-   Dinner/Reception
Mar 6 
08:30-12:00   Oral Session